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 Preparing Yourself for a Mediumship Reading: 

It is important to understand that as a medium, I must raise my energetic vibration to become aware of a spiritual presence. I cannot guarantee who will come forward , but remain open and allow those spirits with the greatest need to come forward. I do promise to try my best for you and to bring you healing and strength from the session. 

 Preparing Yourself for a Soul to Soul Reading: 

During the session, I will tap into your energy field to see what has happened in your past, what is going on in your present, and see what guidance I can give for your future. As the sitter, you must understand that we are all still given free will, and whatever you may hear, you have the power to create your own life and path that you choose. 

 Preparing Yourself for an Angel Card Reading: 

In an angel card reading, I am guided which card to choose for you. It always amazes me how accurate the messages are that come forward for the sitter. You can come with a question or just in need of some general guidance. Whatever the cards tell you, you still hold the power to create what you choose for yourself.

 Preparing Yourself for a Guidance Session: 

During a guidance session, you will be in a safe place to share what you are needing help with in your life. There is no preparation needed and all sessions are strictly confidential.

Please indicate your preference of reading in the message section : phone or online.
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