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My reading with Connie was a very touching and amazing experience.  In addition to Connie being a wonderful  person, she is a very gifted and accurate medium.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance and healing.

- Annette

"I recently attended one of Connie's trance healing sessions. I wasn't sure what to expect when participating in one, but I am always open to try to connect with my loved ones and to receive healing enegy from them as well. I am amazed at the love and care that she has for everyone and the desire for wanting all her participants to have the opportunity to connect with ones they lost, and want to ensure they are at peace.  No one is judged or expected to share more than they want to. I felt that I was a lot less stressed and had less anxiety after the session.  It was the best spiritual experience I've had by far.  Thank you for allowing me to join you in this experience and for being the special person that you are."

- Ann

"All I can say is "wow!" I'm still amazed with how well Connie led a spiritual healing and group mediumship demonstration.

I felt totally at peace and felt the spirits near me, a feeling I cannot even describe :) I highly recommend Connie!! A beautiful spirited lady!" 

- Sheri

"Connie was excellent. Easy to follow and understand. I very much recommend her!"

   - Natalie

"I had a reading from Connie shortly after my dad passed away. The messages I received from my dad provided me with the closure I so desperately needed. Connie is amazing!"

- Susan

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